Baboquibori Peak

Drones on a Wildlife Refuge

The cell phone rang as we climbed a butte behind the volunteer campground on the refuge where we spend summers. “There’s a guy down here flying a drone,” one of the new volunteers said. “What should we do?” Peering through our binoculars toward the row of volunteer RVs, we spotted the man who had skirted […]

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Turtle Survey 5

Surveying Turtles

Even though most of our reptile work centers around snakes, other reptiles interest us as well. Recently, we were invited to join a long term population study of freshwater turtles at Wekiva Springs State Park near Orlando, Florida, to help collect turtles for a survey. Warm drizzling rain accompanied us on our drive to the […]

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Western Diamondback

On the Lookout for Snakes

Most people cringe when we mention snakes. And that’s all right, we feel, as long as they respect the serpent’s place in nature and leave them alone to go about their business of eating rodents and other nuisance critters. Observing Snakes But occasionally we encounter someone who, even though they may be a bit intimidated […]

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Classroom presentation

Roadblocks to Education

After years of presenting reptile programs with live snakes in schools throughout Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, Iowa, and Nebraska, we have now experienced our second year of facing roadblocks from the schools. First Occurrence Our first such experience occurred last season when we spent the winter at Desert National Wildlife Refuge, 25 miles north of […]

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