dog on refuge 3

Dogs on a Wildlife Refuge

Stray dogs have no place on a wildlife refuge. So when I encountered an emaciated pit bull in the parking lot of the Florida wildlife refuge we currently are working with, I asked other visitors if it was their dog, guessing that it probably wasn’t. One visitor, however, had fed the dog a piece of […]

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Reptile Show sign

Naming the New Guy

“I’ve thought of a name for the new snake,” I told Chuck a week before we even went looking for a western hognose to replace Roggen who died a couple months ago. “How about ‘Encore’?” The look on Chuck’s face answered my question. We’d have to give it more thought. Plans for Reptile Show When […]

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From the Wild

When a friend called to tell me his granddaughter had acquired a pet garter snake and asked how she could feed it, I wondered how long this young girl would remain interested in such a pet. I also wondered how I felt about removing an animal from the wild, even though two of our snakes […]

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