Trailer parked at RV resort

Snakes at an RV Resort

“Do you have any pets?” our neighbor asked as we settled our rig into the site we planned to occupy for four months at an RV resort near Phoenix, Arizona. The man’s Jack Russell terrier left his side to retrieve a toy in hopes of engaging us in play. “Uh……no,” we responded, wondering how he […]

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Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving morning we drove into Desert National Wildlife Refuge to hike a trail up a wash into rugged, mountainous terrain. We encountered no one else all day on this remote refuge, but we did stumble upon evidence of human activity. Trash Pickup At the first area we stopped on the way to our trail […]

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Flight to Freedom

In light of the recent death of Fidel Castro, I would like to take a one-time break from wildlife and share an article I wrote several years ago at the request of an old friend of mine who sponsored a family that escaped Cuba in the 1960s. After interviewing the mother of this family, I […]

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Elk Skull Surprise

Stumbling upon elk carcasses in the Tetons is not difficult, as hunters harvest the meat of their kills and leave behind bones. Harsh winters take a few lives, as well, leaving carrion for scavengers and bones for rodents to gnaw. Hunters remove skulls with antlers for display, while shed antlers are collected in Spring to […]

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