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Javelinas on the Trail

Recently I wrote a trail guide for Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Writing a trail guide, I have discovered, can be as much or more involved as writing an article. But the challenge is rewarding, as well as educational. Each stop for the trail must be researched and written succinctly to fit in limited space. […]

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Sonoran Pronghorn Release

The rugged 660,000 acres of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge is perfect habitat for reptiles.  But it’s also home to mountain lions, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and now (as of December) Sonoran pronghorn. Sonoran pronghorn (sometimes called antelope) are an endangered subspecies that inhabit the Sonoran Desert in southwest U.S. and into Mexico.  A captive breeding […]

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Where the Buffalo Roam

Should bison be reintroduced to as many areas of the Great Plains as possible, perhaps replacing cattle?  Denver Zoo keeper and researcher Bryon Shipley is working with other researchers and volunteers seeking answers to how bison affect biodiversity of the Southern Great Plains in Colorado. (more…)

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Chuck at firepit 2

Begging Wildlife

A raccoon tiptoeing near our campfire the other night surprised and delighted all of the volunteers gathered for a hot dog roast at Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.  For years we’ve seen raccoon tracks, and occasionally we catch a glimpse of one.  But, unlike other raccoons on the Refuge, this animal lingered, obviously not shy around […]

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Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner, MT

Wolves in Yellowstone

Snakes aren’t the only feared, reviled, and misunderstood animals.  Wolves have their antagonists too.  Recently, we visited our good friend Dr. Sue Ware in Gardiner, Montana, where she spent a week at the Heritage & Research Center examining wolf skulls. (more…)

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