White Pelicans on the pond

Counting Cormorants

“Call me when you’re finished,” the Tres Rios employee offered as he closed and locked the gate behind us at the Tres Rios Wetlands, “and I’ll come let you out.”  As the gate closed behind us, we entered a birder’s paradise.For the next four hours, we would be locked away from civilization, driving around some […]

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Future trash

Trash on the Trails

Trash belongs in garbage cans, dumpsters, and landfills. It does not belong in parking lots, along roadsides, in school yards, or on lawns. But for some reason, it’s especially offensive when found along a nature trail. On the Trail Generally, very little trash is found on hiking trails, demonstrating that hikers and nature enthusiasts are […]

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Betty with skulls 2

Out of Comfort Zone

After years of using my mammal skull collection for education, I feel comfortable at this point talking with anyone about the adaptations these animals had for surviving. I even enjoy these discussions and look forward to greeting people who might be interested in learning some of the differences in tooth design, eye placement, and nose […]

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Cloudy day

A Cool, Cloudy Day Hike

Years ago, on a trip to Australia, we took a hike with a guide in one of their national parks with the hopes of encountering native animals. After hiking 14 miles, we returned to our cabin with no sighting of wildlife except for one spider and several birds. An older couple who were on the […]

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Desert After Dark

Who would enter the desert after dark? As it turns out, lots of people did recently at White Tank Mountain Regional Park in Waddell, Arizona, northwest of Phoenix. White Tank is the largest of the Maricopa County Parks with about 30,000 acres in rugged desert terrain. We have brought our snakes and skulls here several […]

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Jumping Cholla

Zoology or Botany?

Animal life has always excited me more than plant life – zoology over botany. Why would anyone want to study dull, boring vegetation? However, my attitude toward plants began to change when we headed to the Sonoran Desert the first year we volunteered for U.S. Fish & Wildlife. Into the Desert After setting up camp […]

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