Caring Visitors

Driving home through White Tank Mountain Regional Park after engaging visitors with our snakes and skulls recently, Chuck braked when the car in front of us suddenly served to the right, barely missing a large gopher snake stretched in a serpentine shape across the middle of the road.

Approaching the Snake

The car drove on, but Chuck stopped and punched the flashers to warn drivers behind us. We both tumbled from the car and hurried toward the snake. When another vehicle stopped, the driver opened his door and headed our way.

“What a beautiful snake!” he exclaimed. I turned toward him in amazement. Did I really hear him correctly? When so many are repulsed by these reptiles, it was refreshing to hear an admiring fan!

Turning to Escape

Annoyed by our presence, the snake began to move as I attempted to snap as many pictures as I could. The other driver watched with us as the gopher snake slowly turned and made its way back in the direction he had come. “It’s a good thing it didn’t get run over,” he said. “The other car could easily have killed it if he hadn’t swerved.”

Recognizing Thoughtfulness

That’s right!  The other driver must have had some compassion for these critters, as well. Too many people feel the need to kill animals they fear. But as we have worked with visitors at this park and elsewhere, we have realized that, although someone might fear snakes, many also recognize their role in nature and resist the temptation to harm them.

Another car stopped as the snake disappeared from view. “What’s happening?” the driver asked through his window. When we told him, he nodded. “That’s great! Glad the snake got off the road!”

Getting off the Road


We continued to the Park’s exit and headed home, encouraged by the caring visitors we encountered that morning.

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