Throughout our years of volunteering with U.S. Fish & Wildlife, we have been in many areas frequented by a number of potentially dangerous animals such as moose, bears, mountain lions, and venomous snakes. However, the only animal that has ever tried to attack me was a dog in a residential neighborhood. That is, until now. …

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The Owl and the Scorpion, Part 3

Two weeks ago we learned that the great horned owl that had been stung by a giant hairy scorpion had been transferred from raptor rehabilitator Dr. George Montopoli, professor of mathematics with Arizona Western College (AWC) in Yuma, to Dr. Cecilia Vigil, doctor of veterinary medicine and biology professor also at AWC.  Recently we met with Dr. Vigil at the college to be briefed on the owl’s progress.

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Great Horned Owl (the Owl and the Scorpion), Part 2

Not long ago, a great horned owl was brought to Imperial National Wildlife Refuge’s visitor center suffering from what Refuge biologist Joe Barnett thought might have been a sting from a giant hairy scorpion.  Today we visited with George Montopoli, the rehabilitator who took in and nursed the owl.

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