Condolences for Roggen

We wish to thank everyone for your kind comments and condolences on the loss of our western hognose snake, Roggen. We have heard from friends and even a few strangers by email, in person, by phone, via Facebook, and by comments on our blog. Since this is the first snake we have lost in over 10 years of presenting reptile programs, it was a sad experience for us, and we appreciate all the support we have received.

Many of the comments reflected understanding of what this animal meant to us, whether or not the person fancies snakes, proving that it is possible to appreciate the place a species has in this world without actually harboring a fondness for the species itself. This regard for life in any form is a message we have imparted in our programs over the years, and it is encouraging to witness it in action.

Because our remaining two snakes are also elderly – gartersnake Karma is over 10 years old, kingsnake Spike is over 20 – we realize we could lose them in the near future as well. We hope to obtain another western hognose snake sometime soon. Like many animals, each snake has its own temperament and personality, and we know it will never replace Roggen.

Kids Acting out Hognose Death Throes
Kids Acting out Hognose Death Throes

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