Protecting Pets AND Wildlife

When we spotted two bobcats lounging in the courtyard in front of our townhome, we were excited! Chuck took pictures and posted them on Facebook. Most comments we received are what we would expect from our friends:  “Beautiful cats!”  “Pretty kitty”  “Another good reason to keep domestic cats indoors”  and “I would love to see those cats in the wild!”

Kill It!

However, one comment did not fit in. “He would be killed at my house!!” someone wrote. “Not risking my dogs!!”

I couldn’t resist responding to that writer. “Sorry you feel that way,” I said. “Bobcats are a native species and a necessary predator. Dogs should be controlled.”

Lounging Bobcat

Of course the writer replied. “I control our dogs. Not going to have a bobcat in my yard as a threat to my puppies. They are a wild animal! I control my babies and protect them.”

Discourage Wildlife

Nowhere did the writer consider techniques to discourage wildlife without harming it, and nowhere did they mention if they would kill an intruder even if it posed no threat.

Protect Pets

While it’s important to protect our pets, it is also important to protect and respect wildlife. For years we have been aware of those who wantonly kill snakes that merely slither through a yard or curl under a bush. Many snakes, as well as other animals, have been killed as a result of fear and misunderstanding. To kill an animal simply because it may threaten a pet or a child (or it may be in your line of sight or you may not like its looks) indicates a lack of understanding about wildlife in general.

Prevent Harm

Rather than killing wildlife, it would behoove us all to learn to live with it and take measures to prevent harm to it, as well as pets, if possible. The writer had commented, “It’s a wild animal!” Does that mean we necessarily have to kill it?

Wildlife Posing No Threat


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