Welcome Home!

Last year we created a reptile environment in our patio area in the hopes of attracting a lizard or two. When that didn’t happen, we picked up a little toad on our nightly walk through our neighborhood and brought it home where it took up residence in the lizard habitat. Complete with a sunken pie plate for a pool, a rock pile for a residence, and privacy wall for protection, “Hoppy” thrived. But then, after growing larger, he disappeared for the winter.

The Return

But now Hoppy is back! And he (she?) may have a friend. “That toad is smaller than the one we saw a few days ago,” said Chuck one day when he spotted another toad lounging in the pie plate.

Did Hoppy bring home a friend? A mate? An intruder?

Two Toads?

As yet we haven’t seen two toads together, and the differences in their sizes is all we have as evidence. But before coffee each morning, Chuck inspects the pool and surrounding areas. Occasionally he catches sight of Hoppy (or friend) soaking in the pie plate or climbing into the rock pile.

Catching Bugs

Last night, however, Chuck opened the gate from the patio to look into the drive behind our condo. Each condo has a light that illuminates the garage area after dark, and sitting below the light was a toad.  “Could be Hoppy,” Chuck said.

“Of course, it’s Hoppy!” I exclaimed. “And he/she and friend are welcome to all the bugs they can catch!”


6 thoughts on “Welcome Home!”

  1. I think you should develop a children’s book about Hoppy and his adventures ….you write SO well and have a great sense of humor!♥️♥️

  2. 🐸🐸 are always better than 🐸!
    Eating🐜🦗🕷a really good thing that they willdo! Glad to hear your poulation is steady!

    • Yep! Maybe if we’re lucky, our amphibian population will increase! We’re grateful to have someone, anyone, using our “lizard habitat!” Thanks for your comments!!


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