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BANWR rattlesnake 2

Will It Bite?

“Will it bite?” kids often ask us regarding our snakes when we present our reptile program at schools. Both Chuck and I have been bitten by nonvenomous snakes, and it was most often our own fault, either reaching into their cage with fingers that are scented with mice or startling a sleeping snake without first […]

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Hiking Awareness

There was a time years ago when we considered hiking an activity requiring little more preparation and thought than strapping on our boots and hitting the trail. In light of the recent death in Yellowstone National Park of an “experienced” hiker, we realize that many others still maintain that attitude, regardless of the signs posted […]

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Zach on hill overlooking Pierre's Ponds

The Next Generation

Who will care for National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and other public lands in the future? As mentioned in previous blogs, if we don’t involve and interest the next generation in nature and stewardship of wildlife habitats, these public lands may suffer. Reasons for Hope Over the years, we have met young people who give […]

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R.I.P. Karma

Once again, in less than a year, we have lost one of our elderly snakes. Karma, the Western Terrestrial gartersnake, was a co-worker we depended upon more than any of our other snakes for our reptile programs. Good Natured If a snake could be ever be considered good natured, it was Karma. Her disposition allowed […]

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Baboquibori Peak

Drones on a Wildlife Refuge

The cell phone rang as we climbed a butte behind the volunteer campground on the refuge where we spend summers. “There’s a guy down here flying a drone,” one of the new volunteers said. “What should we do?” Peering through our binoculars toward the row of volunteer RVs, we spotted the man who had skirted […]

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