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Rattlesnake Rattle

Change of Attitude

The buzzing sound made us rein in our horses. The old cowboy who was our guide jumped from his mount, grabbed a stick, and began beating the rattlesnake that was warning us of its presence.  The year was 1966. I had come to this ranch north of Phoenix to spend a few days playing cowboy. […]

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It’s Only a Bee

“It’s only a bee,” a father said to his child while dining on pizza on the porch of a tourist facility. “It’s not a snake!” Perhaps this father was sending the wrong message to his child. If left alone, a snake will not likely harm a person. We’re too big to eat, after all, so […]

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Three Vaqueros

Cows on a Wildlife Refuge

“Are cows allowed on the Refuge?” I asked our volunteer coordinator at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. “Cows? No!” Former Ranch Buenos Aires NWR was created in the late 1980s from a 110,000 acre ranch 60 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. Lush grasslands kept free of trees by natural wildfires had enticed cattlemen to settle […]

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