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Cows on a Wildlife Refuge

“Are cows allowed on the Refuge?” I asked our volunteer coordinator at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. “Cows? No!” Former Ranch Buenos Aires NWR was created in the late 1980s from a 110,000 acre ranch 60 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. Lush grasslands kept free of trees by natural wildfires had enticed cattlemen to settle […]

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Kids These Days

One advantage of working as naturalists on the deck of the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming, is meeting some of the young visitors who come through on vacation. While many people bemoan the deterioration of today’s youth, we witness first hand some of the dedicated and caring folks of our future. Many of the […]

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Nature Takes its Course on a Wildlife Refuge

Although we’ve encountered people trespassing a bit beyond “Area Closed” signs on national wildlife refuges, recently we viewed a woman at least a half mile beyond the warning sign.  We spotted this woman as we descended from a hillside after observing and recording wildlife information for the refuge biologist. The chattering of Sandhill Cranes alerted […]

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