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Finding Pigmies

“Pigmy rattlesnakes are everywhere around here,” people keep telling us as we volunteer on Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge for the winter. But we’d yet to see one, even when we accompanied Dr. Terry Farrell, biology professor at Stetson University, and a couple of his research students searching for pigmies a few weeks ago. New […]

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The Future with SCA

Who will care for our natural resources in future years? Because many young people have had little experience in the great outdoors in recent times and some even fear nature, without their appreciation for wildlife and the environment, we risk losing our valuable natural resources. As we have traveled full-time in our RV over the […]

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Collecting Snake Venom

When an educational program deteriorates into showmanship and stunts, it no longer serves the purpose of education. On the other hand, a well-done demonstration of a practical, though dangerous, procedure can promote understanding and appreciation of a necessary function. The Stunt A recent Discovery Channel program highlighted a suited-up stuntman attempting to force himself into […]

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dog on refuge 3

Dogs on a Wildlife Refuge

Stray dogs have no place on a wildlife refuge. So when I encountered an emaciated pit bull in the parking lot of the Florida wildlife refuge we currently are working with, I asked other visitors if it was their dog, guessing that it probably wasn’t. One visitor, however, had fed the dog a piece of […]

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