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Classroom Expectations

Over the past nine years visiting classrooms to present our reptile program, we have made mental notes of conduct we appreciate from teachers, staff, and students.  Recent Visit One of our most recent visits to an elementary school took us through a decaying neighborhood blemished with walls of graffiti, windows secured with bars, and trash […]

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Visitor Centers on a National Wildlife Refuge

“This used to be a well-kept secret out here,” a visitor to the brand new visitor center at Desert National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), 25 miles northwest of Las Vegas, NV, complained to me. “Now that you’ve built this visitor center, there’ll be lots of people coming out!” “We can’t be everything to everybody.” says Refuge […]

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Rattlesnake Rattle

Change of Attitude

The buzzing sound made us rein in our horses. The old cowboy who was our guide jumped from his mount, grabbed a stick, and began beating the rattlesnake that was warning us of its presence.  The year was 1966. I had come to this ranch north of Phoenix to spend a few days playing cowboy. […]

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