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Reptile Show sign

Naming the New Guy

“I’ve thought of a name for the new snake,” I told Chuck a week before we even went looking for a western hognose to replace Roggen who died a couple months ago. “How about ‘Encore’?” The look on Chuck’s face answered my question. We’d have to give it more thought. Plans for Reptile Show When […]

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From the Wild

When a friend called to tell me his granddaughter had acquired a pet garter snake and asked how she could feed it, I wondered how long this young girl would remain interested in such a pet. I also wondered how I felt about removing an animal from the wild, even though two of our snakes […]

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Sign at Buenos Aires NWR

Warning Signs

Most people flee when they spot a sign warning of rattlesnakes in the area. On the other hand, a good number of people completely disregard signs warning of bears, bison, moose, elk, or any other charismatic animal, approaching too closely to an animal and possibly blocking its escape route. Recently, an agitated cow moose was […]

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Kathy Mulcahy holding Roggen

Condolences for Roggen

We wish to thank everyone for your kind comments and condolences on the loss of our western hognose snake, Roggen. We have heard from friends and even a few strangers by email, in person, by phone, via Facebook, and by comments on our blog. Since this is the first snake we have lost in over […]

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ROGGEN, the western hognose

R.I.P. Roggen

We cried when our dog died over 30 years ago. We cried when our cat died in the mid ’90s. We cried when our hamster and our turtle and our parakeet each died. And only a week after watching our bullsnake Hatch leave with our zookeeper friend Bryon Shipley, we cried when our western hognose […]

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