Surveying for Snakes

“Count the snakes and keep your distance!” a friend warned in an email after we told her our new assignment for biological work on the National Elk Refuge was to survey reptiles, mainly counting the snakes. Unknown to her, the snakes in Jackson Hole are comprised of three non-venomous species. Because one species, the rubber …

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Surprise Encounters

Who hasn’t been startled occasionally by a surprise encounter with wildlife? Perhaps the most startling encounter would be with a bear, a moose, a javelina, a large spider, or even …………. a snake. Many people are repulsed by these scaly, slithering serpents. The mere thought of a snake can send some into fits of revulsion. …

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Snakes on their Property

“I have three small children,” a reader wrote us regarding a bullsnake on their land, “and I’m worried about telling them there is a very large snake on the property.” This reader feared her children would be frightened if they knew how large the snake was and how close to their play it explored. Learning …

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Searching for Snakes

Most people don’t go looking for snakes, particularly venomous snakes.  Most people especially don’t want to encounter one.  On the other hand, we seek them out – but not always successfully. Recently, our friend Bryon Shipley, long-time rattlesnake researcher and Denver Zookeeper, visited us at Imperial National Wildlife Refuge for his annual trek to the …

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Snakes after Dark

One activity Chuck and I enjoy this time of year at Imperial National Wildlife Refuge is driving the road in the evening, searching for snakes that have slithered out to take advantage of pavement that holds warmth from the day’s high temperatures.  Although we hadn’t seen a snake for some time, tonight we went trolling for wildlife.

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