Update to Snake Bite

We received an update from Briauna after she suffered a snake bite at White Tank Mountain Regional Park a week ago and was hospitalized for several days.  Please note her husband’s sense of humor with the t-shirt he gave her as she was released from the hospital!  Here’s what Briauna said:
“I was discharged late Friday evening. I want to update you that I’m feeling much better. I’m learning to walk with crutches. My balance is improving. My recovery is expected to be 6-8 weeks. I most likely will need physical therapy for my ankle. I’m very optimistic I’ll make a full recovery. 
My situation was deemed a severe envenomation. When all was said and done, I received 40 units of antivenin, the largest amount the doctors at that hospital have seen. Once my wound was cleaned, it was discovered I had 3 bites, with 6 punctures. I must’ve really scared that little guy or didn’t get the memo to move at first. A rattle from him would’ve helped get his point across but that’s okay! 😉
I’m happy to know he was relocated and not punished severely for hurting a silly human. I was in his backyard and he just wanted some shade provided by my van. Oddly this experience has drastically lessened a phobia I’ve had of snakes since childhood. Funny how things work out like that! “
We are thoroughly impressed with Briauna’s generous attitude toward her situation and in particular toward the snake.  Needless to say, she is my new hero!  When I asked if we could share her story, she later added:
“Yes, please share! Education is key in situations just like this. It could have happened to anyone. I understand that, written, my diagnosis seems bleak for the time being, but I truly feel positive about it all. I had wonderful caretakers beginning with you all and onward with the medical staff that assisted me. From the EMTs, nurses, PCAs, doctors and helicopter crew, there was nothing short of kindness and compassion during the whole process. That type of empathy isn’t easily found sometimes. I faced my biggest fear and have a cool story to tell from it! In fact, I plan to get the photo you captured of Mr. Diamondback tattooed on my ankle once I’m healed. He made a lasting positive impact on me! [My husband and I] both try to look at the humor in things. Life is too short not to!”
We wish Briauna a speedy and full recovery!

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  1. The original story was really wonderful since you were right there to help. But, the followup from her is magnificent. What a great attitude and her willingness to share is even better. Very heart warming to see her have a positive attitude out of a really scary situation.


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