Letter from a Teacher

Letters and emails from teachers and students please us immensely.  We have received posters created as thank yous by students we’ve visited.  We have received picture books produced by teachers and students of our programs at school or field trips to a refuge.  We have even received a Power Point program put together after a reptile program we presented to a third grade class.  And we have received personal notes from teachers after some of our presentations.  We keep and cherish each one.  The following email came to us recently from a teacher whose class we have visited several times in the past years.

A Fourth Grade Classroom Presentation

Hello Betty and Chuck,

Thank you so much for coming to visit our 1st grade classroom and all of our 1st graders.  The students enjoyed it as much as we did.  The talk for the rest of the day was “snake talk.”  As they were leaving school, their conversations with their parents were that they were able to see snakes, touch them, and watch a video that showed how snakes eat.  Their enthusiasm is priceless and their learning and experience is thanks to the both of you who take the time and come out to present.

Thank you for being so flexible and for coming out to our school, and thank you for giving our students and us a great experience……………There aren’t many people out there who come out to visit.

Once again thank you so much!!!!  God Bless you and best wishes.

Ana Amaya, C.W. McGraw Elementary 1st grade, Yuma, AZ

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” icon=”none”]And our best wishes go out to Ana Amaya, her students, and all the others we have had the pleasure to contact, educate, and interact with.  It’s a pleasure for us, and we look forward to visiting more classrooms with our snakes in the future![/box]

Inspecting Biofacts


Time to Touch a Snake!

Photos courtesy of Rex Engel.

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